Tips on going vegan

Going vegan might sound healthy, and healthy means staying away from the doctor’s office as far as possible. But going vegan can be quite hard if you’re new to veganism, and here we have listed several tips to remind you that being a vegan is not as hard as you imagine it would be.

laksdjlsdIt’s not always about greens

When people heard the word ‘vegan’ all they could think of is eating vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is entirely wrong of course. Vegans have tons of food options, yes you’ve heard it right. Starting from vegan burritos and even vegan pancakes, a vegan can also have meals similar to ordinary people, as long as they have the right recipe.

Tip: Buying a vegan cookbook or downloading free vegan recipes on the internet can help you to prepare your food.

Vegan is not always healthy

Just because you are a vegan it doesn’t mean you’re 100% healthy; some snacks and fruits are high in sugar, which isn’t very helpful and can also lead to weight gain. Look for alternatives, if you like to eat sweet foods, try swapping sugar with honey which is a healthier alternative than sugar, or if you like to have butter on your toast opt for an avocado spread instead, as it is a lot better than butter.

Getting protein

Greens and fruits are lovely, but if you’re worrying about proteins then worry no more. There are so many options on how to get your proteins in your diet instead of taking protein supplements or protein drinks. Broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower are known for veggies with high protein and vitamin C. Tofu, and beans are also known to have high protein and can even add variations to your meals.

Don’t deprive yourselfaa11

Again, just because you’re vegan, it doesn’t mean you always have to eat vegetables and nothing else. Liven up a little and go out, eating out isn’t hard as nowadays there’s a lot of vegan options in restaurants, and if there isn’t, try asking! Sometimes they don’t show the vegan choice as there’s not a lot of people who are into veganism.

Tip: If the waiter says that there’s no vegan option, you can ask for a salad without any meat in the food. It’s not the best, but it’ll do rather than starving yourself because of no vegan option at all.